What Type of Runner Should Attend Camp Marafiki?

Participants from the inaugural 2002 camp included coaches, one college runner, and many high school runners. Some attended to prepare for their first marathon, while one seasoned marathoner came to learn a few tricks in the hopes of breaking three hours for her next race. One local walker admitted to signing up simply to meet those “fast African runners who are always sprinting down the street.” While everyone else was out on the long run, she got a personal two hour “walk and talk” with three-time Twin Cities Marathon champion, Andrew Musuva. What other camp gives you this opportunity?

Camp Marafiki appeals to runners of all abilities. To give personal attention to each runner, we keep the camp small and STRICTLY LIMIT THE CAMP TO A MAXIMUM OF 28 PARTICIPANTS

There is a lot to cover in one week. What Camp Marafiki attempts to do is give participants the opportunity to experience a typical week of training with the world’s best. We don’t guarantee future success, and we don’t plan on giving out ALL our secrets. What we do hope is to instill valuable techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your own training and make you a better runner.

While Santa Fe’s reputation as a running destination remains unrecognized to many, it is not a secret to the international elite. Many top national teams from all over the world train part of the year in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area. In fact, running past an Olympian or marathon world record holder while on the trails is commonplace. (Just remember to be courteous and say, “Hi”)
Praise from runnersY.S., age 29, ultramarathoner: “Having the chance to run side by side with the elite was thrilling. I found [Dr. Woo’s] talks extremely helpful. I liked the personal touch of the camp—they continued to offer advice and encouragement even after the camp ended, and helped me to achieve my running goals. I’d definitely sign up again!” 

D.J., age 50, marathoner: “When I approached Dr. Woo to coach me to run a faster marathon, I was anxious that he didn’t increase my weekly mileage leading up to the race. Instead, he taught me how to train smarter, kept me injury free, and helped me drop my marathon PR by 50 minutes!”

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